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3D Imaging MachineWe are proud to offer cutting edge diagnostic technology with the CS 9300 3D Imaging System. This system provides three-dimensional, high-definition, in-office digital imaging of the oral and facial regions. It is able to produce scans in 14 seconds, minimizing your radiation exposure.

The scans obtained give Dr. Ismaili complete 3D views of the oral and maxillofacial structures and the most thorough diagnostic information possible for a variety of treatment areas, which allows for more accurate treatment planning and more predictable outcomes.

The 3D system is used for a variety of procedures including impacted teeth, dental implants, sinus lifts, bone grafting, oral pathologies, and many more. The data is extremely useful in optimizing diagnostics by providing the following benefits:

  • Allows for precision placement of implants
  • Identifies amount of bone available for placement of implants
  • Indicates whether bone grafting or sinus lift is required
  • Provides views of sinus cavity, impacted teeth, nerves, and blood vessels
  • Determines proximity of vital structures
  • Accurately measures bone and jaw deformities
  • Detects cysts, tumors, or other pathology
  • Less radiation compared to a medical CT
  • Helps in creating precise surgical treatment plans prior to surgery
  • Scan can be easily shared with your referring dentist


“Park Forest is my version of a practice that is the ultimate in patient care. It is truly my intention to provide the best care possible in a family oriented, warm, and caring environment.” – Dr. Haroon Ismaili
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