Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery in Arlington, TX: A Transformational Solution to Misaligned Jaws

Welcome to Park Forest Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, your trusted destination for comprehensive orthognathic surgery—more commonly known as jaw surgery—in Arlington, TX. Are you struggling with jaw alignment issues or improper bites that affect your quality of life? With jaw surgery under the expert guidance of Dr. Haroon Ismaili, you can not only significantly improve your facial appearance but also resolve problems related to chewing, speech, and long-term oral health.

What Is Corrective Jaw Surgery And Why Do You Need It?

Corrective jaw surgery is a specialized surgical procedure designed to correct the alignment of your upper and lower jaws. People in Arlington, TX, and surrounding locations like Pantego, Dalworthington Gardens, East Arlington, North Arlington, South Arlington, and West Arlington can greatly benefit from this treatment. You might need orthognathic surgery if you have issues like difficulty in chewing, chronic jaw pain, or speech problems. Dr. Ismaili uses cutting-edge technology, including three-dimensional models and computer-aided techniques, to ensure the best possible outcomes for your jaw surgery.

Is Jaw Surgery Dangerous?

Jaw surgery, when performed by skilled professionals like Dr. Haroon Ismaili, is generally considered safe and effective. However, like any surgical procedure, it's crucial to be fully informed. During your pre-treatment consultation, we will perform a thorough examination, which includes x-rays and computer video imaging, to help you understand the surgical process. Feel free to ask any questions to put your mind at ease.

Does Insurance Cover Jaw Surgery?

Whether your insurance covers jaw surgery in Arlington, TX, depends on the specifics of your insurance plan and the medical necessity of the procedure. Park Forest Oral Surgery works closely with various insurance providers and can guide you through the insurance process. Many times, corrective jaw surgery is covered under medical insurance if it's required to resolve issues that affect your health.

How Long To Recover From Jaw Surgery?

The recovery time after jaw surgery can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the surgery and individual healing rates. Generally, you may expect a recovery period of several weeks, during which Dr. Ismaili and our dental team will closely monitor your progress. We offer comprehensive post-operative care to make your recovery as smooth as possible.

Technology & Orthognathic Surgery

At Park Forest Oral Surgery, we pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technological advancements to enhance your treatment experience. With the use of comprehensive facial x-rays and modern computer video imaging, Dr. Ismaili can give you a precise idea of how your bite will improve and what you can expect in terms of facial appearance post-surgery.

Work Together for Optimal Results

Dr. Haroon Ismaili collaborates seamlessly with your dentist and orthodontist in Arlington, TX, to provide a well-rounded treatment plan. Your well-being and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our dedicated team ensures that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your treatment journey.

For more information on jaw surgery in Arlington, TX, or to schedule a consultation, call us today at (817) 661-1202. Experience the transformational power of expert orthognathic surgery at Park Forest Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.

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